UI Designer / Front End Developer.From York, Pennsylvania

I've been designing and developing websites since 2007. I love working on the web. I'm the co-founder of DraftHog and UI designer and front end developer at WebstaurantStore. I also write about web design at Web Designer Depot.

I am married to my beautiful wife Amanda and we have 3 children who are full of energy and always seem to drive me bananas. Their names are Jasper, Scarlett, and Maewyn. I love running and I run 50 - 100 miles most months. I love comic books and Spaghetti Westerns–anything by Sergio Leone.

Reading List

Sprintby Jake Knapp

The Revenantby Michael Punke

Responsive Design: Patterns & Principlesby Ethan Marcotte

Practical SVGby Chris Coyier

Atomic Designby Brad Frost

User Interface Design

Design must be organized, simple, and consistent. I design interfaces that are efficient, solve problems, and are centered around the user experience. Nobody should risk pissing off the people that are buying their products.

Front-end Development

I design and develop device agnostic, responsive websites so your content can be viewed on any device and in any context. I develop content management systems with Expression Engine, Wordpress, and Statamic.

Kevin's Tickets

Kevin's Tickets is an online ticket vendor which will be launching soon. This is an eCommerce site with the ability to pull up-to-date ticket information from a point of sale system.

The main concern for this project was keeping ticket information up-to-date because Kevin uses several services to sell tickets. He maintains a POS system that allows him to do that for the most part so not extending that to the website wasn't an option.

Along with the ability to automatically and regularly import ticket data, we needed a way to add custom or one off products like baseball cards.

Day Painting Inc.

Day Painting Inc. is an industrial painter located in York, PA. He specializes in interior and exterior painting. The dirtier and grimier, the better.

The website developed for Day Painting is a small static website built with HTML5 and CSS. The site is focused around the services they provide and gives you a glimpse of the kind of work that they do.

The biggest problem we had to overcome was the fact that there was absolutely no presence on the web. To get a good idea of where we are we needed to start with a base. This website is that base. We will be rewriting content and reworking the design as well as integrating a CMS to add fresh content.

Dream Weddings

Dream Weddings is a reality tv show and wedding style magazine in Central, PA. They pick one couple to focus an entire episode around while providing that couple with assistance and highlighting the vendors they chose.

There were so many problems with the old site it's hard to remember them all. It didn't convert. The site broke often. When Wordpress would be updated the vendor functionality would stop working. There were absolutely no restrictions on image uploads and the homepage had nothing but images. At one point the home page size was 88mb and took about 2 minutes to load. That is the worst load time I've ever seen.

To fix these problems I ended up cutting out a lot of the fat. We're not displaying as many images and we are organizing the content more efficiently while making it just as appealing as the tv show and the magazine.

To help improve performance I am delivering some of the images from a CDN. This is a responsive website so it is very important that it loads fast.

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UPDATE: Dream Weddings won a silver Davey Award!

Davey Award

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