Choosing the right notes app

In general I love note taking apps. They're such a simple concept. At the core they're all similar but the experience can feel really fresh when approached differently. It's almost like a weird hobby diving into new apps. Some might call it a sickness but I want to pick the right one.

This will be a little review series I'm going to do of a few of these apps. The apps I'm going to be using are Notion, Craft, Apple Notes and SuperNotes. They're all similar but some are organized slightly different.

Notion and Craft seem like the most flexible while Craft and SuperNotes have some gorgeous UI. I'll be posting semi regularly so stay tuned.


I've been using Supernotes as my common place book for a couple of weeks. This isn't a writing app. The primary focus is note taking. Supernotes uses the idea of note cards to really drive the idea of simple note taking. Cards can be grouped underneath other cards. Filtering has a specific sidebar in this app and you can setup a range of filters based on tags, color, visibility and more.

I love that notes are setup like note cards. This makes it very easy to keep notes small and digestible. The UI really drives this home, cards look like note cards. There are subtle borders and drop-shadows that make this UI more appealing to me.

Notes are capped at 1200 characters. Anything over 1200 will split into a new note card. This helps keep notes small. Remember, this isn't a writing app. The focus is on creating small notes and organizing them.

My favorite feature has been card templates. Any note you create can be turned into a template that you can use as a started for a new note. I've setup templates for a journal I've been keeping.

Using this app for note taking while reading has been great. Definitely more enjoyable than any other app so far. You'll need a paid account to take advantage of this app long term. It's $10 a month right now. There is a free subscription but you are limited to 20 notes.