Running on Keto - Day 2,3

I’m not going to BS you, day 1 of the ketogenic diet was terrible. Day 2 was a little better but not much. I woke up more alert and awake than I have in a while but I felt like I was recovering from a cold. This has to do with low sodium. I’ve read some remedies are supplementing sodium and magnesium and drinking lemon water to help balance PH. I felt good once I started drinking lemon water and eating some Himalayan sea salt. I love pickles so I tend to drink pickle juice which also has a lot of sodium.

The hardest part of day 2 was the light run I had planned. I knew it wasn’t the best idea to run so early into transitioning but I wanted to see how this felt. I managed to run about 20 min total over 2 miles. The problem is my planned run was 45 min in heart rate zone 2. Because my body was going through something similar to withdrawal I just didn’t have the energy to run 45 min. I felt completely drained, mainly because of the flu like symptoms I had.

Day 3 was a huge turnaround. I woke up immediately at 415am and felt alert and just great overall. I did 26 min of yoga and made myself some bacon, and scrambled eggs with spinach. I felt mentally focused and aware for most of the day. I didn’t have any issues until about 2pm. Around 2pm I started feeling those flu like symptoms again. On my car ride home I started to get a headache and when I got home my stomach started hurting a bit.

I have a 40 min recovery run scheduled for tonight so we’ll see how that goes. I just have to make sure my body is fueled and I can alleviate these flu symptoms. Honestly I don’t think it’s going to go well. It’s too early in this diet and my body isn’t fat adapted yet.

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